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[VID] Closer to Love - House/Cuddy/Mayfield

I hate that I haven't put a video out over summer hiatus, I wanted to but I had never been so busy! I worked on a film, doing art department and photography, and then I edited a "fanvideo" of this fashion with our footage, so that's where my summer/Final Cut time went. :( But! In honor of the new season (THE SEASON OF EPIC), I managed to finish this this weekend - I started it almost a year ago TO THE DAY. I checked my email outbox because I knew I had sent it to Gemma in an "OMG, VID IDEA" email, and the date on that was 9/21/09. It blew my mind. ♥ But god, I had SO much fun with this one, it was so incredibly uplifting to watch this unfold, to spend time smiling and flying with these gorgeous people.

(click for youtube link)

.MOV - 72MB

A video that studies House's time at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital and how it prepares him for a healthy relationship with Cuddy. It takes a look at the obstacles he overcomes, the quirky-beautiful people he meets, and how he's able to change their lives just as much as they change his. Everyone leaves a better human being - having lived more, having loved more. Set to Closer to Love by Mat Kearney.

Notes & Commentary
This is a harder commentary to write because I feel like the video can just be this happy little piece of whatever you want it to be, but I'll make a few notes. ♥

General coloring note! I wanted to start the video in black and white and have it make a gradual shift to full saturation by the last clip, to mark the transition from his gray time of addiction and fear into his color of happiness and love. I called a friend from work up at 1 in the morning and said, "HEY, HOW DO YOU DO THIS". I knew he'd be up and I knew he'd know. It's amazing being around people in real life who know Final Cut inside and out - I've never had that before this summer. Amazing, amazing people. So if you notice that fade, ♥, I learned something new.

0:31 - I cut to a million things in my head when I match this line to this situation, the main one being the judge's line from Words & Deeds - "You have better friends than you deserve." ♥

0:55 - We saw the whole thing from House's perspective, so it's easy to forget about what Cuddy had to go through while he was away. Imagine having to sit and wait for the person you love to come out on the other side, not even sure if they will. Praying, "Lord, come through." I mean, my god, what that must have been like for her. "We're gonna get there soon." ♥ They're both in this together even though they're locked apart.

1:13 - I just think it's so beautiful to look at this from the perspective that he's going through hell just in the hopes of having her.

1:25 - I love this sequence because it shows how people begin to trust him. It's counter-intuitive, but it's almost like they trust him more in a psychiatric ward than they do in the real world. But maybe that's all he really needed, a little faith from people that goes beyond diagnostics. They have faith in him as a doctor but they rarely have faith in him as a person. And what beautiful things he does when they do. ♥

1:35 - "Meet me once again, down off Lake Michigan..." hjklasdfhljsjha. I heard this line and the video concept was a done fucking deal. And her little eyelashes on those piano notes. ♥

1:43 - I almost didn't even put this in because I knew people would instinctively freak out seeing Lydia all over a House/Cuddy video but it has a point and this is a huge important bit. It's in to show House's change and willingness to open up. Prior to his admission, he's got a woman he cares about, crying in front of him, and he lets her walk away. Now, he's got a woman he cares about, crying in front of him, and he extends his hand to be there for her. This is huge. And I know people are upset that we got that moment with her and not with Cuddy, but look at what we're getting NOW and look at how this moment with Lydia cracked him open. I live under the philosophy that we meet who we do at the moment that we do because they're there, right then, for a reason. This was her reason.

1:58 - I can't even, I can't even, I can't even. This is probably one of my favorite moments in anything of all time.

2:01 - I love this side of him, I love how he encourages these people to stand up for themselves and how he does it with a smile on his face. He's not browbeating them or yelling or insulting them, he's jumping and getting them to pound on tables and be fucking alive. Look at the mark he's making. I have so much to say on the concept - how this guy comes in, total fuck up, horror to work with, abrasive, but once you get to know him, he inspires the hell out of you, makes you better, makes a difference in your life. Look at what a difference that guy made to all of these people.

2:21 - ♥

2:30 - "you. are. all."


3:00 - Back to all the points I made for 2:01. You underestimate him and then he does something so incredibly touching. That is probably my single most favorite thing about Greg House as a character. He can be horrible but under everything, he's got a massive heart.

3:24 - :)

3:28 - I love how everyone is so genuinely pulling for him, I can't even communicate the love I feel in that room.

3:39 - Make a wish...

3:41 - ... have it come true. ♥

♥ as always, I'd love your thoughts. ♥
♥ ♥ ♥

AND. IMPORTANT: I have embedding turned on. I only ask that if you do embed this somewhere (like fanpop), you link me to it, just so I know and am able to check on it and see how it's doing. ♥ Feel free to do so, that's all I ask.

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