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[VID] Can't Help Falling In Love (House/Cuddy)

Holy shit you guys this season is already absolutely killing me because there is already TOO MUCH TO EDIT. I can't even. I can't. I started this the night of the premiere, it surprised me that it took so long but it was so delicate and I really didn't want to waste it or screw it up. I've wanted to do this version of this song forever, I'm trying to find my emails with Gemma about it but they were ages ago (EDIT: FOUND. September 24, 2008 oh my god, it's enough to make me cry because whoever would have thought ♥). It was sort of an, "if they ever hook up, this video should happen" conversation, and now they're together and it's even more perfect than I could have envisioned for this.

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A House/Cuddy episodic video that aims to be a lyrical recap of "Help Me" & "Now What?", drawing parallels and communicating even the little moments that lead to up to their new, romantic relationship. Set to Can't Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson.

Notes & Commentary
This is difficult, because I went into this video purposely *not* wanting to have any commentary. I really just wanted a piece of visual, romantic candy that breathed on beats. It was strange for me, but also incredibly liberating. I just wanted a whirlwind of love and kisses, all tied up into these two beautiful people and this beautiful piano. ♥ That being said, most of these notes are just personal thoughts and ruminations on the shots/ship in general.

Technical note - holy new filters Batman. ♥ I had so much fun. Also I had to export this thing several times, which was such a pain, but I tried a new coloring technique and also nested timelines within other nested timelines and it is a huge maze in Final Cut, basically. It's a miracle it made it out alive. ALSO I have never in all my life had a video give me such technical hell on export. Seriously, I can't express it in any other way than I now know what hell looks like.

0:28 - I didn't even notice this until I started editing. But god, finale - she helps him up, premiere - he helps her up. And both followed by kisses, no less. Can't even.

1:43: - just... imagine what it would feel like to have the most incredible man you've ever known, pick you up and hold you like that, lay you down like that. I don't know who the most incredible man I've ever known is, but I don't think I've ever slept with him and it kills me to even think of what that must have been like for her.

2:16 - given the summer, it's easy for me to forget that all of this happened on the same night. And I just think about the years they've spent fighting over his leg, all the pain he's felt in every step, all the guilt she's felt, all of it, and then he comes along and says all of that stuff to Hannah. Goes through with it and cuts her leg off as Cuddy listens. Just imagine how much emotion and pent up everything went into bed with them that night. Years and years. I can't even.

2:21 - Have to mention this. Because this was huge. I had a RL editor look at this (well more like he really wanted to see it so I let him even though it freaked me the fuck out), and originally I had three handholds instead of two, but after it was done, he critiqued that it was kind of overkill. I decided that he was right - I always thought the shot of the hands in the bathtub was aesthetically ugly, but I kept it for the sake of the parallel. He was a huge help reworking it with me, even opening it in a different program and trying to fix the shoddy camera work on the finale shot. And he was SO AMAZING AND PATIENT WITH ME AND MY FREAKING OUT AND MY PERFECTIONISM. He helped a ton with export settings too - the mov wasn't looking anything like it was in my Final Cut monitor so he tried a million different things and taught me a million different things and I am so blessed that I have people like this in my life. It was so terrifying to expose this part of myself, though, I was blushing and sweating and I don't even know.

2:59 - I had this song idea before she even said "I can't help it". I was driving one day and this cut happened in my head without effort or consent - I got goosebumps and started crying and that, that feeling, that is why I edit.

3:01 - between their mouths, between their mouths, this is my favorite part of the entire thing, that spark.

3:18 - here's to a new chapter... ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ as always, I'd love your thoughts. ♥
♥ ♥ ♥

AND. IMPORTANT: I have embedding turned on. I only ask that if you do embed this somewhere (like fanpop), you link me to it, just so I know and am able to check on it and see how it's doing. ♥ Feel free to do so, that's all I ask.

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