January 15th, 2008

[paula abdul] what a feeling

[120] faith, rachel, sela, olivia, zeta

FAITH HILL. IS SO BEAUTIFUL. AS IS EVERYONE ELSE I'VE ICONNED. BUT FAITH HILL!! miss_fancy sent me a zip of Faith pictures and I died at the pretty. And then there is Rachel, who I just sort of shallowly love because she is adorable and I want to be her, and then Sela, WHO IS LIKE JKSDHFAK TO ME, AS IS CATHERINE, although Catzycakes moreso than Sela. And then Olivia Wilde who I don't know at all, but I really liked this photoshoot and I know some people on my flist like her. So.

[60] Faith Hill
[10] Rachel McAdams
[15] Sela Ward
[10] Olivia Wilde
[25] Catherine Zeta-Jones

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