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ALCHEMIC_DREAMS - the media lj for lissie_pissie's pretties

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icons & vids by lissie_pissie
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al-che-my ( a l - k u h - m e e )
- noun, plural -mies for two
any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

dream ( d r ē m )
- noun, plural -s
a daydream, a reverie, a state of abstraction. a condition or achievement that is longed for. a wild fancy or hope. a trance. one that is exceptionally gratifying or beautiful.

The whole point of this type of art is to take ordinary pictures/videos and turn them into extraordinary pictures/videos - the ones that I want to see. Conditions or achievements that I long for. My wild fancies and hopes. My fandomy daydreams. Things that I feel that the normal pictures and videos didn't show the first time. And to me? That is gold. Which is where the whole alchemy bit ties in. My visions are substances of great value to me, and hopefully you too. I hope you can even see them as gratifying or beautiful. ♥

© lissie_pissie

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opened 10.30.07
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